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Writing in Software Development

If you are a working programmer or a programming student, writing is a skill that you can't neglect. Writing is part of any software project, and good writing skills will make you more effective as a software developer.

Writing can enhance your career prospects, too. Sure you can write code to someone else's spec, but what if you got to write the spec? Or the proposal for the project? Writing skills could even help you land your dream job in the first place.

Like no other book on the market, this book talks about writing in all aspects of software development, including:

  • design documents
  • documentation in the code and vice versa
  • writing for review
  • requirements and specifications
  • the vision statement, project proposal and project history
  • webs of electronic documents

This book tells you how to craft all these kinds of writing to make them as effective as they can be.

Author: Allan M. Stavely
Pages: 242
ISBN: 978-0-9830394-0-2

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